Food For Change is a Melbourne based charity dedicated to growing fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs;  rescuing food used commercially to ensure it’s not wasted; and supporting food relief agencies.

Lyone Foundation committee representatives from COS Melbourne, were blown away by the positive impact this charity is having, donating $13,300 to support their ongoing work.  $10k will fund the project for a year and produce around 40,000 meals.

Founder Matthew Donovan was compelled to start Food for Change after learning the following confronting facts.

  1. There are many amazing charities in Australia that provide meals and food to those in need and all of these organisations require more food
  2. These charities have an amazing distribution network already set up
  3. There is huge amounts of unused fertile land in every Australian city
  4. Australians waste over 4 million tonnes of food every year

Lyone Foundation Food for change

Food for Change – Lyone Foundation