Sleapy's Foundation

Date: June 17,2024

Sleapys Foundation Main Image

The Sleapy’s Foundation is a charity that supports families grappling with adversity. This support comes in many forms, such as financing a computer for a child, helping finance medicine or medical equipment, or simply paying a cab fare to get someone’s treatment. Sleapy’s initiatives are designed to alleviate the challenges families, mostly from regional NSW, face.  

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, they are often transferred from their home in the country to John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle. This usually occurs with little warning, depending on the stage of cancer or illness being diagnosed. In these situations, parents are given little warning and must respond quickly. They often find themselves in a city some distance from their home without the support of friends and loved ones. Unfortunately, child cancer rates have increased in recent years, so this situation now arises on a routine basis.   

Sleapy’s offers support people in various ways including through their ‘bag of hope’, which contains items designed to help relieve some of the initial pressure almost certainly being experienced by the parent or guardian of a sick child. Items in the bag may include taxi vouchers, fuel vouchers, toiletries, food service provision, a diary/journal, and essential service contacts. Bagged items vary according to need. The food service, supplied through a contracted catering provider, is designed to provide ‘home cooked’ food to reduce reliance on fast food during this stressful period. Bag distribution is through the existing Sleapy’s Foundation network of hospital social workers found in all major hospitals in the lower Hunter area.  

Our donation of $10,000 will allow Sleapy’s to double the number of families they are able to help. They will be able to support over 50 families with a bag valued at over $300.