Kari Foundation

Date: June 08, 2023

Kari Foundation

The  Kari Foundation's "Backpack Program" supports First Nations families and students during the transition to high school by easing the financial burden of school supplies. The Lyone Foundation is supporting the program with a $9,600 donation.

Since 2005, the program has provided a free backpack of essential school items to every Year 6 student entering Year 7 the following year. The culturally designed backpacks not only meet practical needs but also instil pride in First Nations students, celebrating their heritage.

By supporting students during this critical transition, the program aims to empower them and promote a sense of belonging. The Kari Foundation's "Backpack Program" demonstrates a commitment to educational equity and the success of First Nations students in Australia.

The Kari Foundation envisions a stronger Australian community through the contributions of First Nations peoples, culture, reconciliation, and connection. Their mission is to collaborate with communities to foster meaningful connections and share the achievements and culture of First Nations.