Small Steps 4 Hannah

Date: June 17,2024

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Small Steps 4 Hannah is a charity dedicated to Hannah Clarke and her three children, Aaliyah 6, Laianah 4, and Trey 3 (HALT), who lost their lives as a result of domestic violence on 19th February 2020. The charity is working to honour the memories by striving to raise awareness of domestic violence and educating children and young people to identify coercive control behaviours and HALT the cycle of domestic and family violence.  

Small Steps 4 Hannah have a mission to educate the community about domestic and family violence, advocate for legal change, support those in the community facing domestic and family violence and putting HALT to their physical and mental pain. They do this through is the HALT program, aimed at empowering students with knowledge and skills to cultivate safe and respectful relationships. The Lyone Foundation donation of $10,000 will assist with the HALT program provide a research-based approach to respectful relationships education through the facilitation of three sessions. This program has been informed by a comprehensive literature review as well as the perspectives of teachers and students.  

Understanding that fitting in is important to young people, the program prioritises a community-first approach. Small Steps 4 Hannah challenges the notion of fitting in by reframing it as feeling safe. Through robust conversations the program acknowledges hurdles and provide practical skills to overcome them. The three sessions are as follows: 

HALT Session 1/3- What is Safe? 

  • Defining the differences between safe & unsafe relationship behaviour and developing an understanding of emotional responses and capacity for change. 

HALT Session 2/3- Who am I? 

  • Deconstructing beliefs and attitudes about gender driven behaviours, and developing strategies to support the safety and wellbeing of self and others 

HALT Session 3/3- Influencing Change 

  • Breaking down the influence and impact of social media and online mediums and developing leadership skills that support community safety