LiteHaus International

Date: June 17, 2024

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LiteHaus is a not-for-profit charity that facilitates digital learning opportunities and inspires the minds of thousands of children. Despite Australia being a highly developed nation, it still behind the digital transformation occurring in the education sector. While connectivity is widespread in all but remote Australia, hundreds of thousands of students do not own their own laptop. Many schools have reported device ownership rates of less than 15%. For students without computers, when schools closed during the pandemic, learning stopped. Quality education was no longer accessible to all young people. 

The digital divide reflects the broader inequality in Australia and cuts deeply across familiar socioeconomic lines. First Australians, new Australians and regional Australians are more likely to experience digital poverty, isolating them from the opportunities that come with digital ownership and agency. Our $5,000 donation will aid LiteHaus in both Townsville and Darwin in providing 25 First Nations high school students with their own personal laptops.