Date: June 17, 2024

rufus image

RufUs is a not-for-profit, volunteer based charity. The charity is made up of a team of five South Australians who dedicate their time to “Help Create a Fresh Start” for those in need. RufUs began in the early 2000s by providing food and clothing to Adelaide homeless. In 2010 RufUs was officially established and began fitting out newly found housing accommodations for those in need of essential household furniture and items. Over time, this service has grown to the extent that RufUs is now the number one provider to government and non-government agencies of essential household items required by their homeless and domestic violence clients. 

RufUs offers a range of household essentials packs and white goods for clients. They create packs for cleaning, kitchen and bedding essentials that are given to families in need, and also supply them with donated white goods and other day-to-day living essentials. On average RufUs fits out 3 houses per week. Each year the charity helps over 330 people, one third of whom are children.  

Our donation will aid RufUs create the packs they give to families a fresh start. Packs contain essential cleaning products, essential kitchen utensils and appliances and bedding items. The $10,000 donation will allow RufUs to provide packs to 104 people, approximately 26 families, in South Australia dealing with homelessness and domestic violence.