TLC for Kids

Date: June 18,2024

TLC for Kids Ambulance

Since being founded in1998, TLC for Kids has provided relief and much-needed distraction for sick children and their families during stressful and traumatic situations. In hospitals across Australia, the services of TLC for Kids have been utilised over 14.1 million times.  

TLC’s critical support programs is now being used over 1 million times per year, and they are constantly working towards doing more and reaching more children and families in need. With the introduction of their Digital Distraction App, Tap 2 Distract, the reach of TLC for Kids will continue to expand around Australia and the globe. 

Upon referral from Healthcare Professionals, TLC for Kids provides individualised practical and emotional support, both in and out of hospital, when it’s needed the most. Whether it’s a one-off hospital visit or a prolonged struggle with illness, TLC for Kids is part of an extended support network for sick children, providing collaborative care and emergency relief. TLC for Kids believe little things make a big difference. 

Two programs that TLC provide are the:  

  • The Distraction Box Program which is designed to give nurses and healthcare professionals the perfect tools to guide young children through painful examinations and procedures. The box contains items that engage the attention of the child and also comply with hospital infection control protocols, diverting their attention away from the procedure. These items can include selected toys and books. There have been 874,759 uses of the TLC for Kids distraction boxes in medical rooms each year. And 2,316 distraction boxes distributed around Australia.  
  • The TLC Ambulance program which will be delivering special moments to sick children in palliative care, transporting them to their most treasured places to experience that joy one last time. Volunteer paramedics will drive a fun, repurposed ambulance to transport the child, and the family will receive a commemorative photo and video package. There have been 405 hospitals working with children who are using TLC for kids' services.  

The $11,000 funds will assist TLC to continue these programs and distribute more distraction boxes and ambulance services to those in need.