Cottage by the Sea

Date: June 08, 2023

Cottage by the sea

The support of $3,600 from the Lyone Foundation will contribute to the running of the Take a Break Camp Program, enabling more children to access this program and experience the joy and benefits of a fun-filled and supportive camp experience.

The ‘Take a Break Camp Program’ provides a five-day residential camp experience for around 1,200 children each year. The program offers a range of supervised physical activities, healthy meals, and 24-hour care to help children build their self-esteem, develop resilience, and have fun in a safe and nurturing environment.

Cottage by the Sea is a not-for-profit organisation that provides a safe and supportive environment for children and young people who have experienced trauma, poverty, natural disasters, and other challenging life events. Cottage by the Sea relies solely on community support for funding and operations.

The organisation offers a range of programs, including residential camps, day programs, and outreach services, to support children and young people in need. Additionally, relief programs are available for children affected by disasters like bushfires and floods.