Hope in a Suitcase

Date: June 08, 2023

Hope in a Suitcase Website Image

With a donation of $26,400 from the Lyone Foundation, Hope in a Suitcase can provide more suitcases filled with essential items to children in foster care. Hope in a Suitcase, a not-for-profit organisation founded in Melbourne in 2018, aims to support and empower these children, reminding them of their worth and importance.

Through partnerships with professionals like child protection staff, hospital personnel, social workers, police officers, and teachers, Hope in a Suitcase offers tailored suitcases containing toiletries, clothing, books, and comforting items like cuddle toys and journals. These items provide stability and encourage creativity for children entering foster care.

Driven by passionate volunteers, Hope in a Suitcase has expanded to multiple locations across Australia. Their ultimate goal is to improve the lives of children in foster care, helping them maintain dignity and stability during challenging times. The donation from the Lyone Foundation will contribute significantly to their mission, ensuring more children receive the support and essential items they need.